De Evolution of my room

Here's a quick glance at how my room changed throughout de years..

This was during my poly days..can you see my models on top? Everything's basically a WARZONE. Ground zero, hahaha..

Before my army days, i inherited a Kenwood speaker, and Voila!@ My dream room with a fresh coat of blue paint, and sitting at my bed using de pc! Lazy!@!!! haha..

Next..During my army days..I've conbined both tables + lightbox as one long table itself. kindda miss this layout.

Finally,my pc table went back to it's former place, and together with my new pc, i now have 2 pcs, 1 dual monitor, 1 tablet, and also my LOTR Map where i wanted it!! De light box infuses with my pc table itself too. Got a new chair too. Looks like a workstation more den a room. lol.

so,what's next?