10 steps away from Hell

My grandpa's passing occupied my mind.when i was on my way back home on sat, crossing the traffic junction, i was half thinking abt my grandpa's condition ,when de moment i finished crossing the traffic, immediately i heard a loud brake shriek behind me and i turned n saw a taxi cab colliding into a malay couple's motorbike, 10 steps away from me.

The white arrow's de direction i'm travelling back. The white circle was where i saw de everything.

1)If i'd would have been 10 steps late, i'd probably be under the wheel now.
2)I'd like to think that my grandpa was watching over me, in this instance.

Immediately i doubled across the junction to de police post to get help. I was afraid of live casulties more than anything else. A single life is more precious than the whole world.

Creepy stuffs
Something spooky. (warning: Pls don't go beyond this point if you're easily spooked.)

See de red circle? 2 guys and 1 girl was spotted folding hell money and burning it right at the Junction.
Why are they burning tt?
To whom?
De burning happened concurrently with de incident. How can both incidents be linked?