The Concept of Gambling

I never like gambling. As a matter of fact i hated it. I've seen friends throwing thousands only to emerge losing all of it.Be it Soccer,4D,Toto, i hated it. hate it all.

When i was secondary 4 doing my E Maths Probability, it really sets me thinking, how can we possibly win?

And that really sets me on the right path. Since then till now, I've never set foot into any 4D stalls or toto betting stations.

Seriously, Gambling is PURE Luck.

Let's imagine, if you take $2 and buy 4D, every week once. It'll be $2 x 4 =$8 per month, and $8 x 12 months =$96 per year. Odds of winning, 1/1242354645750. It's gay little. So people thought of raising de stakes.

now it's $10 per week. $10x4=$40 per month, $40x12months= $480 per annual. Geez.That equals to winning prob a consolation prize(i think)

The rule of thumb is, If you never start gambling, YOU ARE ALREADY WINNING.
Compulsive gamblers builds on a mindset that once they start digging a hole, they have to fill it up, but de hole gets deeper.

Why is it that many failed to identify the excitement, thrill of de moment can lead to so many families broken, so many lives ended.

De pure irony of all these is, I play Mahjong. And i enjoy playing Mahjong. The tactics deployed stimulates my mind like when i enjoy a good game of Chinese Chess, or Chess, in my opinion. Mahjong it's about observation skills, patience and more than often, a stroke of luck. Glad to say i've never played exceeding 20/40 cents, so professional mahjong-ers can drop de idea of conning me (hear that kylie?)

So my conclusion is, Gambling is PURE Luck. If you wanna make big money. Speculate, as stocks's about analysis, never luck.