Epilogue on SIYA Epi 02

Planning and drawing an motion graphic isn't as easy as it seems.

The level of endurance, tolerance, stamina and mental is put to de test.

Constructing this anime (so called anime la,haha) puts me though great joy, great sorrow,and most of all, de whole process was a"Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy."

To illustrate something ,which both when a student whom doesn't even know who Ikeda is, to someone whom is well verse in NHR, isn't easy. My vision was to inspire both realms and strike a balance. I constantly explore more illsutration techiniques and watch plenty of current youth's latest anime, interest, and hope to bridge de gap btw youth n our gens of viewers.

I have to be firm with my POV and sharp abt visuals. De standards of de anime must improve as each epi progress, and de level of involvment of student must be included.

De team spirit are unity is coherent and we all have one common goal. Just to inspire one more student.

Trail blazing a road less travelled isn't as easy as it seems. Epi 01 was my beta test grounds. And I'm glad to see de tremendous inprovements in 02. yet not been satisfied is my constant hunger,desire to improve better results, till epi 09. This is my resolve.