The most essential things in life

If i were to ask you, What is de the most essential things in life for you now? What can't you live without?

What would be your answer?

give yourself a min and think about it.

Is it your mobile? or you wallet? or makeup?

To me, de most essential things in life, are courage, wisdom and compassion.
Courage makes you stand up and stem out de negativity inside you,
Wisdom gives you de knowledge to know how to react and plan.
Compassion lets you understand, and empathize on other person's POV.

Think about this. You can make use a mobile to call your best friend, but you would need courage & compassion to continue & maintain de friendship.

A children's story is closely related to this 3 virtues. Non other den The Wizard of Oz.

A simple story teaching virtues from a easily scared Lion, a tinman without a heart, and a scarecrow.

so i urge my frds to constantly seek to improve n cultivate your courage, wisdom & compassion.