Of Brothers & Brotherhood

My next topic in line: Brothers.

A loosely translated Chinese proverb goes “Brothers are liken to be limb; girls to be clothes” (I hope i dun get stoned by girls hee..)

I can only rem de days my brothers coming to my rescue, and lost count how many times they save my ass, or asses.(if i have that many)

Botak & Calvin

Both from SGT(sec sch), I can only feel extreme joy & happiness as how we went through thick & thin together. They are like my own family.

Chee Leong

My karma with SGT runs deep. But this one runs even before sec sch. Being my elder bro, he made me understood many things life, through my thick skull, & his never-say-die spirit. He is my lighthouse, my elder bro, never failing to guide me back on track when I falter.

Miguel & Ronald

Our interest, intellectual opinions & never ending influence in movies, music & games flood us. We shared our common interests, & deep friendship since de day de typhoon was seen in Temasek poly. Together with them de Zobos gang.

Sam & Kenneth

Sam & Kenneth are my army mates. I always believe true friendship is what happens after you ORD. They are my testimonials to true friendship after that. Shit makes men grow closer together. and this attributes & reinforces to that belief.

“No one is an island” Likewise, we cannot possible grow alone. True friends doesn’t care how you look, how much you earn or what you do. They will throw aside whatever they are doing and come to you in your most dire of times. I can only say I’m more than blessed to have these knights in my life.