Of Food for thought

Weijun asked me one day, when seeing me attending SYM cast rehearsal.

He casually exclaimed,'' Wa Zhirong, why must you join every event ?"

den i asked myself, "Why?"

The true value of life, is never to underestimate, either oneself, or another person's potential and life capacity. I have never underestimated mine, and this values and treasures in my life I have created are boundless and eternal.

But(there's always a but), the truth is, there is a masterplan. A masterplan i've been concocting in de back of my mind, which i'm unable to excuete with my current agenda n position. I have many ideas, designs, visions, plans, theories, books, to share.

I will gladly hope to graduate, and to move up, to de next level. As Chinese proverbs states "人往高处爬,水往低处流。”