Of Sorries & Sorrows

My apologies first to weixien for not been able to met her at JB Kaikan (as I wasn't one of de selected lucky few) to attend de meeting at Johor Bahru. Meeting overseas mbrs refreshes me.

PS: Weix I've comment @ ur blog! Pls read! lol

It makes me realize how vast SGI has reached n whenever i am faced with problems, I know out there's another comrade facing de same prob too.

I rem sharing with SGM mbrs that, besides drawing, there's nothing else i can do better. Today I met with my first disappoint @ work. It is of no coincidence that weix's presence reminds of de comment i made in msia.

That besides design, there's nothing else i do better.

I agonize over de mistakes i make at work today. I am sad. But not for long.

I will pick myself and fight again tmr. Even if it means 1030pm every single night.

I will become de best designer.

No time for emo-iness & grief, i still have to stay overnight @ L's dad's wake.