#10 – I am still fat.

#9 – Had a change of my job. To better.

#8 – Vainty in me grew. Which explains de pore packs, crest white strips & face lift creams.

#7 – Forged new friendships and renew-ed old. 2 more Librans in my life.

#6 – but still swinging single. haha.

#5 – i saw who my true friends are. You know who you are!lol

#4 – i finally got my first Razer! And 24" monitor. And Filco. And PS3. More gadgets in short.

#3 – Renew my room de way i want it.

#2 – My sister got attached. Boomz.

#1 – An old frd, of 3 yrs, came back into my life. Let's hope we work something out ok?