Of Backstabbing


In any place, so long there is people, there's bound to be politics. Be in sch, work.

People talk abt people, behind backs. Badmouthing, rumours, gossip, malicious news.

A great man once said, "Great ppl talk abt ideas, Medicore ppl talk abt events, and Small ppl talk abt people."

It was this phrase from my mentor that propelled me excel in my creative industry of creative ideas from paper to reality.

Nevertheless, I was de target of criticism , by small ppl, whom tried to badmouth & backstabbed me.

It was my good fortune that my boss has sharp eyes of a hawk, and can see penetrable and see through her devious act & lies.

As for me, I chose not to bad mouth. I always believe that when we talk bad abt other ppl, we are actually reflect bad upon ourselves, how little and small our hearts are. I chose not to speak up. End up my Boss sacked her for sowing discord in de firm.

Every job is de same. Whether you sweep roads or sell prata. It is de boss & colleagues that can either make your environment a piece of heaven, or a direct hell.

3 cheers for my understanding boss.