Of Inspiration

Together with his wife, Kaneko, Ikeda met with and encouraged members.


When you face an obstacle in life,
And you try to strategize a solution,
Solving the problem with your head instead of your heart,
Making slight of Daimoku,
You will be defeated in the end.

It is Daimoku.
Everything begins and ends with Daimoku.

Rather than receiving million words of guidance or
Reading million philosophy books,
Chant Daimoku and pray.
Everything will become as you envisioned.
Everything will open up for you.

After all,
It all comes down to how much Daimoku you chant.
If you chant,
You will naturally want to study.
If you chant Daimoku,
Your task at hand will naturally become fulfilling.

There may be times when everything is just so hard for you.
There may also be times when you feel just so sad and cry yourself to sleep.
There may be times when someone has hurt your feelings badly.

But at such times,
Just come and knock at the door of my heart;
That door is always open for you.

My ears will always listen to your heart intently,
My eyes will fill themselves with tears for you.
If you are happy,
You don’t need to say a word.
I will see that in your face.
But if you are unhappy,
Just come and tell me everything.

I will carry the load for you,
And we will proceed together.

~ Daisaku Ikeda (1998)