Of Mousepad

Normal people tells you a mousepad is a mousepad, nothing more.
Zhirong used to be a non mouse pad user. Seriously, What's de function of a mousepad? To protect your table?or your mouse feet?

Zhirong being Zhirong, (yes yes, i hear de boos), finally got his feet down and paid for his first mouse pad in his whole life. I'm a non mouse pad believer, i tell you. Why restrict your mouse moving area?

Den comes my fairy god mother waving a magical wand and *ping*

Introducing de Steelseries SX mouse pad. A brief introduction of Steelseries, it's one of world's most kick ass mouse, mouse pad, accessories which makes us believe that splurging $ on a useless mousepad gives us great accomnplishment as winning de lottery or a girl saying yes to be your gf.

Fiber polished aluminum with anodized oxide coating, (selling @ $89, yes i say again, $89.). allowing for an uber smooth tracking surface for precise wrist action in all of your movements.

The finish is in other words perfect, no bumps, no dents, nothing besides a perfectly flat polished surface. When it comes to durability this aluminum mat is a bit ahead of the competition. The surface itself is actually quite hard to scratch and bend so this mat should outlive a gaming grade mouse or two.

The rubber base is really durable and is glued to the aluminum piece in such a way that it's impossible to tear off. Overall the combination of a natural rubber base and aluminum top makes for an extremely durable combo. This is the first ever hard mouse mat I have had where the finish was perfect. I tried to find flaws on the surface, but there were none to find.

SteelSeries SX is an incredibly smooth mouse pad made of fiber polished aluminum with anodized oxide coating. The surface is quiet to use, thanks to a rubber base which absorbs noise and vibrations.

I did a little testing with my Altec Lansing Bass, and i must say, i'm impressed by de shock absorption of it. Not to mention since it's Aluminium, it keeps de ball of my palm cool and cold while i surf n blog. a plus point for those whom looks into small details of comfort.

It is also, by far, the most exclusive mouse pad ever produced.

Ok, so in conclusion, which idiots buys a mousepad at $89? ok so this blog owner did.