Of Quitting de musical

I quit.

This news might serve as a shock to some of my frds( even some who is keen to buy tickets & watch me perform) but unfortunately, due to circumstances, (and after hrs of Dmk), I have made this painstaking decision. No words can express my disappointment and pain in my heart. For some, i know i have let my comrades in SYM down. I pen this down in text to share with those whom care for me, my well being. I thank you for taking your precious time to read as well.

A few factors contributed to my decision.

2)Soka activities

Work has been chaotic, and for those whom knows me, i spent 12 hrs at work daily, which renders me useless as i go back at 9pm. I am not complaining abt work, or begrudging work. As a matter of fact, i wish can i sleep there! I love work! Design is my passion and i can stand in orchard and proclaim my love for design (ok that sounds dumb) but, it is painstaking HARDWORK. How much time we spend on something, is how much results we see coming back.
If you only spent 5 mins a day with your son, don't expect him to feel close with him.
Which goes back to my theory. I need to spend more time with work.

I think any frd of Zhirong would know his schedule of Gakkai activities(well unless if you're not close, or u dun bother to ask, ditto, hehe.) and his roles n responsibilities. My logic is simple. To be de bridge of Sensei. Of my mentor. Simple as that.

Unfortunately due to 1)Work, my current Gakkai is over taxing.And another factor. Age. Somehow de body doesn't function well, after battling from mon-fri. Staring at a computer for 12hours is no joke. Hence, i would have to delegate my roles & responsibilities out.

This pass 3 mths has really different for me. I see de benefits i put into my practice, and fruits of labor come one by one. Frds & ppl just enter into my life, and i can feel my life condition expanding like nobody's business. It is a breathe taking experience. And i would also want to give my attention to them, to encourage, and inspire. To motivate and let them understand de true aspect of living. It is not about preaching Buddhism, but rather, it is to be de Zenchi Shiki (善之使) of de immediate environment.

2 years ago i already know de path of a designer is not easy. And i don't just wanna be any trash designer. If i want, i must to be de best.

And everything in life, comes with a price. For this, it's my departure of de musical.