Of Technology

Ok, so Steve Job's Ipad is the next IN thing. But listen to it.

Imagine you can virtually create your desktop, work with all de same apps, programs, settings(& settings is a VERY personal thing),games, music, movie, work , etc.

And you get to plug your desk top wherever you go, whichever pc you surf.

Introducing de Iomega V.Clone.
The last time i heard about these jokers were days back in my polytechnic studying design, where i was literally saving my heavy chunks of digital data to ill-built drives known as THE ZIP DRIVE.(rings a bell to some, doesn;t it?)

Well apparently de same jokers Iomega, of ZipDisk fame, is trying to write a new chapter in mobile computing. If you get really attached to your working environment, you might wish you could drag your PC with you, but that’s not always practical. VPN is nice, but not always available. And sometimes… even a laptop doesn’t meet your needs. You’re just looking for something easier. Iomega’s new vClone technology apparently lets you do a brain-transplant on whatever PC you wish. Bring your comfy computing environment anywhere by using a simple USB hard drive. Sound too good to be true? It almost is.

You might have forgotten about Iomega, but with vClone, they’re trying hard to make a name for themselves again. It works like this: You have an Iomega external HDD. You’ve got a current image of your PC on it. You go over to your friends computer, your work computer, maybe a new computer that isn’t all set up. You plug in the HDD, and load up the special vClone software, and just like that, you’re on your ‘own’ machine. When you’re done, you unplug the drive, and all that’s left on the host computer is the vClone client. No system changes at all.

lastly, a video to show you what i meant.

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