Of Investing

The worst thing abt the young is how they don’t know they’re wasting their youth.

I’ve recognized the importance of saving, not only that, but also saving young, saving early.

Hypothetically, If we save a dollar now, we will have $7,8 more in the next ten years.

If not you can google abt The Rule of 72.

Saving is a mentality to be cultivated, just like how slim people like to be slim, similarly you got to like to save to start. It takes a lot of discipline, just like training!

Knowing not to put our eggs all into one basket is vital too.Spread out your annul portfolio.

Learn that nothing is certain, in de market itself.

Of course we do not save & deprive ourselves of anything. Balance is the key.

1) Save young, if not, start now!

2) Diversify your portfolio.

3) Understand the Market.