Of Iphone

Bought an Iphone during IT fair promotion.

Saw the following promo on HWZ brochures, learnt that Singtel's having a 4 day limited promo on Iphone itself.

Upon checking de prices, it's a $148 for 16gb! It was previously @ $328+!
So, knowing Singtel's strategy, they must have de same promo on their websites. (to avoid the crowd)
Hence, i visited http://info.singtel.com/personal/communication/mobile/mobile-phones/iphone
to confirm de prices. (now it's back to $248)
$148! I previously had paid $150 for my Nokia!
Without hesitation, I sign up for my Iphone, to my surprise. Guess what did i saw?

Under mobile number selection, i was given like 100+ number to choose from!
That's definately de most I've encountered, cos usually from Telco stores, it's only limited mobile numbers to pick from.
Picked de Golden number which i liked most, and hence signed up for my line.

Here's some snapshots of my precious.

Hence in short:

-Paid only $148, (instead of $248,$328)
-avoided crowd in IT fair,
-get to pick new mobile from 100+ nos,
-Free delivery to my door step!

I simply love IT fairs.