Of breaking up

You hope that the breakup was not too bad. You may be thinking how can I get my ex girlfriend back? If this is true, then just hope that she feels the same way as you about your breakup. There is probably some hurt that you caused during you breakup, you may not even be sure what it could have been, but if you want her back then you must go over the details of the breakup, so that you can be ready to say you are sorry.

To say sorry takes a bit of nerve which you must blend with sensitivity, I know that sounds odd and you may not think that you have these feelings in you. Take some time, this is not something you can rush, reach down within yourself and you will find that you have, we all do to some extent, I found these feelings within myself when I needed them. The sensitive approach is necessary because you need to convince her that you are really sorry and want her back, she has to believe that you really do. Reconciliation is not always possible, but being sincere and honest about your feelings towards her is where you need to start.

Women often feel, that as a relationship progresses, that men are not thoughtful of a their girlfriend's needs. In the beginning things between you were different, but then you get comfortable in the relationship and less thoughtful to her feelings. So if you are certain you want to try to get your ex girlfriend back, then you must convince her that you are being serious.

The urge thought is to rush our and buy her some flowers or a card, to try to convince of your renewed strength of feelings. Please do not just buy her any old bunch of flowers, it is too easy to simply order them, be thoughtful go to the florist and pick out the flowers yourself remembering which flowers, colors, fragrances she likes. The fact that you thought about the purchase and remembered what she liked is the key to getting her attention.

The same goes with cards, do not buy a pretty card filled with flowery empty words that someone else wrote, get a blank card and write it yourself, pour out your true feelings, try a poem - you probably will not get it to rhyme, but the fact that you cared enough to try will at least make her realize how much you feel for her.

Getting your ex girlfriend back will take time and a lot of effort, your thoughtfulness will hopefully impress her, make her feel happier and maybe even consider thinking about taking you back.

If it has been some time since the breakup so you or even both of you have had casual dates with others, then this is not necessarily fatal for your attempted reconciliation. Having said that, if she is still going out with someone then your chances are reduced, try anyway you have nothing to loose. At this stage you do not know how things are going between them, your new thoughtful attitude may make her wish she was back with you.

The thing is to try, even if she appears to have moved on, the fact that you tried, in a thoughtful way that respected her feelings, may set a seed of reconciliation in her mind. Once you have made your approach leave it at that and just wish her well, let her have time to work out her own feelings knowing now how you truly feel about her.

Time is a great healer and any decision as to the future of you relationship, if there is any, will be hers alone to make. Keep in touch with her let her know you still feel the same about her.