Of Courage

Every movement of arts have been met with resistance. They have been branded as heretics, scientists trialed, political leaders have been imprisoned & tortured.

Most ppl tend to think of courage as a warrior virtue, as belonging typically to battle. And therefore, by analogy, to climb de highest of de Everest, or de deeps of de sea, or in de sport’s field.

But courage is often demonstrated, because it’s often needed in greater quantities in daily life. There are even times, when merely jus to live, is itself, an act of courage.

Ordinary life, invokes more extraordinary courage. Because de life, grief, illness, disappointment, pain, struggle, poverty, loss, terror, heartache. All of them de common features of the human condition, and all of them experienced by hundreds and thousands of people, everyday. Demanding kinds of endurance, and bravery, that made clambering, Mount Everest, seem like an easy task.

Where else, when climbing Everest, or deep-sea diving, are for de moment, eventually ended in status quo. Feelings are very much different after we’ve gone through them.

Perhaps this brings de concept of courage, into a more mundane perspective.

A C Grayling

“To get up and carry on as best one’s can is courage itself.”

Courage fused our lives with de fundamental life force, it also translated into an innate hope, never to be defeated. No matter how bleak, or desperate, de situation. It is de power to live resolutely to the very end. When the shadows of death , destiny, prosecution, adversary, illness, failure, or destruction looms near, people tend to succumb to de fear.

Troubled, angst, cowardice, anxiety, doubt. It is de power inner generated hope that dispels such darkness.

A sword is useless in de hands of a coward. The mighty sword of de lotus sutra must be wielded by one courageously. Den one will be like de demon armed with a iron staff.

To summon up de courage of a lion king, n never succumb to de threats of anyone.

The wise will rejoice & the fool will flee.