Of pushing buttons

John Locke was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash his father conned him for his kidney and later pushed him out of a window, breaking his back. After this he spent the next four years of his life paralyzed from the waist down and looking for his purpose in life.

When Locke discovered a hatch on the Island, he was determined to open it, insisting that everything happened for a reason. He opened it and took it upon himself to continue pushing the button, believing that this was his purpose. However, Locke soon lost his faith in the Island and stopped pushing the button which ultimately caused the discharge.

Many times in life, we do alot of things when people asked us to. We do not question our purposes, our motives, our goals nor objectives.

Did you ever stop to ask why you're doing what you do at times? Are you doing it just cause it's what everyone's doing? or doing something because of peer pressure? society pressure?

Each morning most of us, through force of habit will get up and go to work or school, but you have a choice NOT to do those things. Of course, if you didn’t go to work you could get fired, and if you didn’t go to school you would miss out on taking that important math test or homework assignment.

The opinions/thoughts/excretions of others is only a indication of where you are and what surrounds you. There is only one voice/opinion/life and that is yours. You are the only constant in your existence. Believe in yourself. Look into yourself, hear your thoughts, don’t judge what you see or hear. If you don’t like it put it aside for another time (part of non-judgement). Creation/God, what you like, has only one resource for creation, it self. So by definition you are not beyond, different, defective, hopeless, etc. You are looking for someone else’s voice to fill the void created by dismissing your own. How can life be confusing if by definition we are life?