"The Element of Happiness."

Had a long weekends, and many things happened, as I've recalled.

As I came back from work on a monday blues, I was drinking my mom's Black Fish Soup when I suddenly came up with this idea.

Why not write a short book "The element of Happiness" ?

It should go about sharing with people the fundamental principle of searching for happiness, something everyone can relate to. The first few ideas should go:

"I remember the time when I first took my Science lesson in secondary school, Ms Goi, my science teacher, taught me, for the first time I came across this word, element. Ms Goi explained it to me in the simplest form, " Imagine I have this piece of paper, what can i divide them into? When I divide them into de simplest form, until i cannot divide them any further, that would be called an element."

As I grow up, I've always been reading self improvement book, and mixing with older, "healthy' minded friends, and they set my mind on the right path. People often see me as the "encouraging" type, but the truth is, people influence people. When a person of a low negative vibes meets a person of positive vibes, the battle of influence begins. It is through constant effort & alot of mind power & other sources to create that environment that favors the positive state of mind.

So having said that, what makes one person truly claim that, he/she can be happy?

Well you'll have to wait to finish brainstorming for my book. haha.. let's hope it doesn't end up as a unfinished proj. Think Positive!