Of 10 cents

This is a true story about getting a job.

X and Y were competing for a position in a company. X was full of confidence about getting the job. They were finally at their last round of interview. But to their surprise, instead of the usual question and answer session either on paper or by a high position personnel of the company, They faced something different.

The manager brought them out to the company main gate. He told them that they would be heading to an office to sign some documents and suggested taking a bus there. That office was only a bus-stop away. He gave X and Y each a 50-cent coin for their bus fare. The 3 of them then walked to a nearby bus-stop.

The bus fare cost 40 cents. Usually, if you pay the bus conductor 50 cents, you should not expect him to give you back your 10 cents change because he would always say that he is short of small change. “It is only 10 cents anyway” X thought. “It will be quite embarrassing to ask for such a small amount of money back.” So like most people, X did not ask for the 10 cent change. But to his surprise, his opponent Y asked the bus conductor for the change. The conductor looked at Y for a while with eyes full of contempt for him before he finally pulled out a 10 cent coin from his satchel. X was rejoicing inside quietly, thinking that Y would very likely lose the job offer because of this.

They reached the next bus-stop. After getting off the bus, the manager patted Y’s shoulder and said: “You are recruited! Only a person who knows how to insist on his own rights and interest is able to safeguard his company’s interest and benefit.”

It can be quite irritating to see someone going after trifling things for his own benefit. However for certain thing, fighting for it at the cost of tarnishing your image may actually gain you great wealth.