Of Photo Taking

Taking a good photograph is not easy.

Taking a good group photo is even more difficult. Putting people of different heights and sizes into one picture, one has to consider the overall ‘balance’ and ‘beauty’ of the photo taken. You can put this aside but there is the ‘eye difficulty’ which is the most challenging and which all photographers have to face.

Dozens of people, sometimes even hundreds of them, are before your camera. At the brief moment when the button is pressed, some still managed keep their eyes opened. But there are also a few who blink their eyes at this split-second. These people naturally feel unhappy when they see their photo taken with their eyes closed. “I opened my eyes wide more than 90% of the time but why did I turn out looking sleepy? This is distorting my image!”

Photographers usually shout ‘one, two, three’ before they snap. But having kept widely separated for so long, the upper eyelid cannot help but look for the lower eyelid at his count of ‘three’. There goes the ‘sleepy look’ once again.

I’ve heard of a photographer, who has many years of experience in taking photos, having a special way of tackling this problem. First, he gets everyone to close their eyes while listening to his command of ‘one, two, three’, except that they must all open their eyes at the count of ‘three’. True enough! The photo always turn out excellent – no closed eyes and with everybody looking brighter and more high-spirited than ever. Not a single one of them is unhappy with the photo.

The smart photographer modified the usual way we get everyone ready for the photo-taking. With the same counting of ‘one, two, three’ and a little twist, he managed to overcome the ‘eye difficulty’ easily. In life, we face different kinds of problems every now and then. But with a little twist of your line of thoughts, you will be surprised that many knotty problems can easily be solved!