Of Walt Disney

Many great careers in the world usually have difficult starts. Take Walt Disney for example. His became so well-known today around the world. Ask any child in any country and it’s difficult to come across one who doesn’t know ‘Disney’. Behind Walt Disney’s success lies another touching story. He once told a group of bankers about his dream of building a millionaire business based on Mickey Mouse, fairy tales and Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. He asked them, ‘Are you willing to help me?’ He was laughed at and asked to leave.

Walt Disney’s first career ended up bankrupt but he did not give up. He kept working on his ‘Joyful World’. Once, he was chased by a bank for a 4.5 million loan. But he kept calm still and even said this to his people, ‘Remember we couldn’t even borrow US$1000 in the past? It’s not a bad thing that we can now owe the bank US$4.5 million.’

Walt Disney started up with nothing. He only had his name which had now transformed into a huge business. He was such a success in cartoon creation and writing. It all owe to his perseverance from the beginning to the end.

All businesses need finances. All businesses need perseverance throughout. But most important of all, you need to have an ambition, a target; the interest and the belief of making it come true.