Being 30

Today's de day I'm 30.

Sure doesn't feel much different from yesterday. Same level of me, perhaps lesser hair, de rounder belly, less stamina.

I'm grateful to building my character in my younger years, forging a caliber of strong n infallible state of life condition, which gave me de strength, to give hope n strength to those around me.

Life work in de most mystifying ways. Seeing deaths, births, success, failure, miracles, depression, only a strong character can withstand these trials, and more as we go on.

At 15, I was given de privilege to building up myself, through immerse training, musicals, dialogues, introduction of reading. If i can share a tip for de youths, that would be never to skim n bypass toughening your character at your tender age.

At 18, Design became my pinnacle, my driving force. during my tertiary years and belong the backbone of my creativity. Arts n Design were imbued, hand in hand, as I remember spending my June n Dec Holidays during then, in design library of Temasek Poly, reading away every knowledge n detail. Once in a while i hop onto de engineering level, or business, or science. As I read more I understand I know less. It taught me more than design, but de appreciation, of details in our lives.

Tuesdays with Morrie changed my life in 20, when I become less associated with how ppl live their lives, and concentrated on how I should live mine. People are too busy living on other's lives, watching celebs, politics, de facade of society changing it's ever-changing face.
I focus on how to live n encourage those around me, and ever learning more, to share, contribute, and most of all, inspire.

At the age of 23, Constant Traveling overseas, during my years of services for the nation, opened up my horizon. Diversity Cultures I used to read in schools, behavior, society, it was exhilarating.

Love, nurtured my maturity, and my soul. It made me a less selfish person, and more understanding. It taught me how to listen, and not just take turns to talk. It also made me a person whom laughs at myself, not others. For a man whom knows how to laugh at himself, understands compassion, and understands life.

Friends whom I love, in return loves me. I was blessed with wonderful selfless friends whom understood me when I was down, and congratulate me when I was up. Always around me, and not demanding gains or anything from me.

Family?I cherish them n love them even more, with no words to express how much grateful n gratitude I am, to wake up , know they are in safe arms.

Currently, in my stand, is career. I was never much career minded, and more on de average joe happy go lucky salary man. De demand of a designer's responsibilities made me change my attitude in work. No longer are days of goofing ard n not serious in work. I turn to design n gave my heart n my soul into creating better spaces for people. It is my silent mission.

So, how does being 30 ? Haha, It sure didn't feel much different still, but I guess, it is not today that marks who I am , or became, but de wonders of life , and everyday in life that I move on from today onwards.

"Live Life, and Live it well, for we only live once."