Toy Story 3

My favorite Character in Toy Story 3

I believe most people would pick Woody, or Buzz Lightgear, but not here.

It’s been close to a decade & half since Toy Story started (1995), & Toy Story 2(1999)
I dedicate the success of Pixar’s success for it’s tacky punch lines, irresistible voice cast (Tom Hanks & Tim Allen) and lastly, because it is every kid’s imagination to seeing their toys coming to life, and actually have a life!

Back to topic, my favorite Character in Toy Story 3 has got to be the most minor roles of all. The Green Aliens. They remind me of veteran comedian Charlie Chaplin, with minimal voice, only actions, their ever so curious nature, just illuminates the actions of the main leads, best of all, they come in hundreds of them!!

Every toy shows a character itself too. Rex the simple minded, Potato Head the lost, Hamm the cynic, Bo-peep the damsel in distress, Slinky the worried, list goes on.

After watching the trailer, it’s nice to see some familiar faces back, and welcoming the new ones. I like the part where Buzz does the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Landing, it never fails to get me!

Toy Story has walked a decade with us. To some, it’s just toys. To me it’s more, it’s a philosophy towards life.

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