How Do You Tell If He Is A Good Bf

1. He’s a Smooth Talker

He is not shy about communication. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that he’s not boyfriend material if he is the strong and silent type when he’s actually a good communicator but just doesn’t feel the need to talk your ear off.

While he’s divulging the details of last night out with the guys or digressing about the project at work that has him under pressure, he’s also making sure you get your turn at the mic. A good boyfriend is willing to give you equal air time to talk about the things that matter to you as well. A guy who not only lets you speak but pays attention to what you have to say and asks questions about your interests and life will definitely score points in the ‘great guy’ category.

2. A Knight in Shining Armour

The good boyfriend doesn’t start a bar fight every time someone looks at you wrong but if you’re being put down, he should be the first to come to your defense. The important role of a good boyfriend is to always have your back and make sure your dignity isn’t compromised.

If you find that you’re left to fend for yourself or if you find that he’s going with the group and not being a stand up guy coming to your rescue when you need it most, then it might be time to kick him to the curb. You need a guy who’s going to be in your corner when it’s you against the world.

3. Time is on His Side

A guy that makes time for you in his busy schedule understands that you can’t survive on text, email, and phone contact alone. Face time is important for any relationship; even if it’s to meet quickly at lunch or between meetings.

Every gal knows that it’s not always the amount of time you spend together but it’s being together that counts. If he extends an invitation for you to come along with him and the guys, it means he’s trying hard to give you the time you need in the relationship. The decision to come along will be yours but give him props for thinking of you and including you in his plans.

4. He Won’t Make You Choose

Every girl needs her friends and her guy. While you can survive without a man (but who wants to really?), it’s far harder to get along in the world without your gal pals. Good boyfriends understand and respect that you have a life away from him and they won’t ask you to choose between the two. It can be hard to divide your time between them but if your guy truly understands, he’ll give you space and let you make the time you need with your friends. He realises that your life doesn’t revolve around him and his needs. He should be grown up enough to take care of himself without needing you every minute of every day.

Other things that make a good boyfriend will be someone who sticks to his word; he’s not a plan breaker. When asked by other women what makes a boyfriend worthy, many cited that the guy they want by their side will have himself together. He won’t rely on her for a roof over his head or for money. He should be a self sufficient grown-up; able to care for himself and you, should he need to.

Overall a good boyfriend will lift you up when you need it and make you feel good about yourself. Even through the rough times, he’ll let you know that you matter to him.