Of Hospitalised : The Whole Story

Feb/Mar 2010: Had rectal bleeding. Fresh blood was seen together when passing stools.
ignored symptoms. last for 3-5 days.

end June/start of July 2010: Rectal Bleeding reoccurred. last 3-5 days.
plus Mild discomfort in stomach. ignored symptom.
July 5th-7th- daily it escalated from mild discomfort to waves of jetting pain.
July 8th- admitted to A&E SGH to seek treatment. Doctor discovered Fatty Liver.
July-9th/10th - Warded in SGH ward 46. Doctors diagnosed Gastroenteritis & Bleeding not explained. took Magnesium carbonate + jab+ one yellow Grey pill + 2 packets of drip.

July 10th- Discharged @ noon

I was in de pink of health of 25 years, until this saga happened.
fearing what worst could have happened to some of my frds to me, I was admitted to SGH, n discharged.

After this incident, I totally understood de importance of health, a proper life style, and de abstinence of faith. To me , this was a wake call to my unhealthy lifestyle, not only to my physical aspects, but also my spiritual.

Truly when one is sick, he is in de realm of LLC ( aka Low Life Condition) n he would need alot of faith n courage to surmount de wisdom n life condition to overtake it.

Also after de saga, I've understood de true frds whom stood by me, in my dire of times. I thank you here , n hold you close deep in my heart.

lastly, some photos to document n share with u guys.

when wheeled to do ultrascan

my ward

ward extrance

view of window

when i was in class A ward

We only lived once; so why hesitate?