Of Happiness

I remember sharing this story to my students once, at art class.

"A guy died once, and he was summoned to de heavens.
The cupids said, " We will allow you back to earth, for 30 days. If you can provide this girl happiness, we will allow you to live on."

And for a month back to earth, he was courting this girl, but unfortunately, he had a rival.

Day 30 came, he went up to his rival, shook his hand, and left.

Back in heaven, de cupid congratulated him.
"Congratulations." said cupid.
"But i failed." said de guy. "I didn't bring her happiness."
"No, you did bring her happiness."replied cupid. "For sometimes, we might not be de person to bring her happiness."

Sometimes in life, We might not be de best person give someone else happiness. If other can fulfill our role, shouldn't we gladly do so?