Things we learned from Salt

1. In a top secret CIA building, it is commonplace for ID scanners at the door that have giant letters on the screen showing "CIA OPERATIVE" on them for anyone to see.

2. If you murder the russian president, they will put you in the back of a squad car with two uniformed policemen.

3. When you are being chased on a freeway while on foot, it is super easy to get away frogger style from truck to truck.

4. You can sneak a bomb into the white house simply by saying you have shrapnel in your chest.

5. The door to the the worlds most secure location (8 miles underground beneath the white house), for the worlds most important leader is guarded by one guy in front of a door that closes slower than any random door in any random house.

6. A shoot out occuring in said secure location is completely private. There will not be any evidence whatsoever who did the shooting (i.e. video), so it's super to just say "SHE DID IT!" and get away with it.

7. A 108 pound mom of 4 can kick anyones ass with a single punch and/or kick.

8. Fingerprints at the scene of the crime can mean only ONE THING. That that person committed the act. It's not at all possible she was simply present. Present people do not leave fingerprints.

9. If you are trained as a super spy when you're 11 years old, you will maintain your athletic/spy skills during your 20 years as a mole, even with no practice or training to keep it up.

10. Shoe-tar black hair color is the number one disguise for a russian spy.

11. 2 years in Northern Prison & she's just fine

12. the prez, heck most everybody, is out 4 the nite after one punch

13. it's so easy to jump from floor to floor catching yerself with yer hands

14. helicopters never hover --- they always swoop

15. you can just grab a gun away from a trained CIA or SS guy & huck it @ his buddy

16. all secret dens have CNN [& it's on all the time]

17. the soft ware 4 changing where the bombs go looks a lot like the download of pix & video off e-mail

18. it's so so so easy 2 open elevator doors

19. 3 grenades in a cheesey barge? no problem they'd never punch a hole in any
thing that substantial

20. leaping from a moving train 2 a little tiny platform opening is simple & yer body has no momentum of any kind any time you jump from anything

21. dudes what drive lorries constantly scan the load 2 c if chix r hitching, & then jam on the breaks if they c anything suspicious

22. If you give yourself up as a Russian spy you don't have to go through a metal detector and therefor it is possible to hide knives in your shoes

23. When a supposedly Russian spy escapes you expect her nót to go to her own apartment (even though she mainly asks to speak to her husband) and when you notice she is heading there after all, thén you send people to catch her there, giving her enough time to grab her stuff before you arrive