Of love

The concrete and glass heaven surrounding a breath of fresh air, the sliding doors of the grand.

I write as the voice of one yet to fall in love. Yet. I am a dreamer who clings tightly to the hope of romantic promise. And I still feel like I can sense love drifting all around me. Its energy timeless. Endless.
Such as the way the bird takes a dip in a sweeping glide through cloudless skies. So graceful and free. I sense the love between others and am inspired by it.

You don't need to spend every second together.

[You know that they are always there]

You don't need to worry as to how you look
[The heart of one holds more beauty than the outside shell could ever dare to match]

You don't have to change for anyone
[Your true soul mate will embrace every detail that makes up who you are]

But what you have to do

Is to reach inside of your heart for the blossoming beauty that you can sense in another.
Take hold of it with everything you have inside.
Embrace it with every emotion you can create.
Let it stay strong. Let it flow free.
Do not fear it.
And let this gift of love catch you in it's exhilarating world.

I hang on with the patience of hope.
No rush, all in time.
I know it will be worth the wait.

2 incredible souls, bounded together. Rainfall. Emotion. Memory.