Of War & Peace

A lot of people would tend to agree, that war and peace are two different things altogether and that one brings harmony out of the other. I would have to disagree with that. War may be cruel and evil and peace seen as nice and tranquil, the answer to all our prayers, but most of the time, our quest to find eternal peace, is what causes a war in the first place. We see wars started over religion all the time. Religion is seen as a key to everlasting peace and a higher life after the world ends, so when we think about it, the religion which starts the war, is trying to rule and yet find peace for others. Wars which have started over all sorts of things are technically made worse when we step in to try to find peace.

I have had this debate with many people and yet I really do not see peace as peacefully as others.

Take a look at family wars. I have had arguments like many of you, with a few members of my distant and close family. To leave things as they are can be hard, because you want to prove your side and you want answers, but your quest to putting things right again and restoring peace again with that family member, actually causes more upset. As both sides are out to prove their point and neither wants to back down, even when they want to make up again. The war goes on and on till eventually a false treaty is made, only to blow up at the next family meeting.

World wars are the same, but at different levels. On our quest to finding peace, we stir up so many other problems. War breaks out and everyone is myth'd, but there is no myth, we all just need to start paying attention to our own lives and those close to us, not those in a completely different country, whose idea of life and culture are different and do not require us to step in.

Peace is far from peaceful, unless we leave it to happen naturally and stop trying to force it upon people and situation.

The war between the UK. America and Afghanistan is getting ridiculous. They go in because of oil and then stay to bring about peace for the innocents in the country, but all they are doing is making things worse, they will never get what they desire and the only way to do that would not be appropriate for me to mention here. They need to stop trying to be God! They can not enter a different country and culture and think they are the answer to Afghan's peace, but they just get hurt in the process and peace is causing more war.