Well, a lot of people are now saying that the world will go down in the year of 2012. Maybe it’s because of the theories of the Maya Indians, who said a long time ago, that it would happen in 2012.

I must say, that I really don’t hope that it’s going to happen.

First of all, according to this thought it should happen during the summer or something. Oh, then maybe I’m not going to turn 30, before it’s all over.

And I still have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of words to write. So, if it’s going to happen I won’t make all my life exercises before the world goes down.

Maybe it’s just like the theories about all the other times the wise guys said the world would end. And all the times something really changed the world; a lot of environment changes and such things. No, I don’t hope the world will go down in 2012.

But if it’s going to happen, what is it going to be like? Is it going to be as the movie shows us? Or is it going to a time with some kind of a virus which kills almost everybody, and only leaves a small gang of human beings? The end of the world and the end of the life is a mystery. But I surely don’t hope that we’re going to see the answer in 2012.

Many movies and stories have been telling us how the world is going to end: Changes of climate which turn out as a brutal winter (The day after tomorrow) or earthquakes which take almost every road and every house, Typhoons and such things splitting everything up (2012) or a plague or some other viruses which kill us slowly and painfully (The Stand). But all these examples are having something in common: They’re telling about a way the world can end, but they also have some characters who are surviving. The mankind can be saved.

But I really wonder why the Maya Indians said that it should happen in 2012. I mean, why 2012? Why not in the year of 2130? Somehow I must confess that I’m a bit scared about this. But I am still alive and I will keep working on and live with my hopes that it’s not going to end in 2012. I think it’s all too early.