Of Anger

"No one can depress you. No one can make you anxious. No one can hurt your feelings. No one can make you anything other than what you allow inside." - Unknown

I read the quote over and over again and it started to sink into me. This is so true. Only when we allow ourselves to be affected by external stimuli or extrinsic influences do we begin to react. Applied more prominently to negating emotions, we encroach towards our inner beings to somehow neutralize the reflex.

Take for instance a contemptuous remark thrown at you out of nowhere. Typically, your reaction would be of defiance; and if you are the "over-emotional specie", that confrontation will not end there. Perhaps you will fire out an equally sardonic comeback. Then it will go on and on and on. It might even breed poison because all buried regrets will start to surface.

But in the aftermath, where does that leave you? Did you gain anything other than an episode of aggravation?

Taking this example a little bit more poignant, presume that the emissary of this grief is someone whom you thought would not or could not hurt a fly - someone you trusted with everything you hold sacred. The devil made him do it. And you say the devil made YOU take it. Bah!

The question is: are you going to let this strain get the better of you?

Nobody made you do it. You did it to yourself. You wallowed into that pathetic predicament because you think it will alleviate the hurt it caused. What are you trying to justify? Think about it.

That anger ... that strong feeling of chagrin and belligerence caused by a wrongdoing... is just a useless consumption of energy. Just picture the surge of mental agitation and grief you put yourself into when you allow this emotion to overtake your reasoning. The impulse is nothing but a superficial high that will leave you hollow and remorseful. And then you feel the angst. Endpoint you feel depressed. And what did you gain after all that action? Nothing.

I say let it go.

Take a deep breath. Count to ten (or make that twenty!). And then release that crippling state of mind. Put that pride aside for the moment while you muster your composure. Even though the rage is battling to take over your rationale - stay focused.

I didn't say it will be easy... but just let it go. When it is all over, you will see it is worth the effort. Because you did not welcome the pain to overcome you, there is nothing to heal. It is as if nothing happened.

You are free.