Of Inspiration

People and their experiences inspire me. How they get through their own personal hardship during the really tough times is the true measure of a man or women. Life has a number of stumbling blocks and obstacles that are constantly being thrown in our paths! Anyone can sail along when things are going good, but when the chips are down the true character comes shining through.I am inspired by many different people. My parents have inspired me the most, and I draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from my father. His ability to meet difficulties head-on and confront his fears drive me to confront mine. When I am in trouble, I imagine what he would do in certain circumstances and draw my inspiration from him.

Next is my mother. Her ability to find joy and balance in many of life's issues always inspires me. Her ability to juggle many things at the same time always inspires me. The insight I have gained through her is priceless. I am so glad I paid attention to her enough to see how life's difficulties are to be dealt with and I never have failed to be inspired by her.

Doing it the way you want, not the way you are told is a great lesson to learn and digest.

There are many others that have inspired me, and some that are waiting to inspire me. But one ultimately must inspire themselves.