Of Moving on

Pain and suffering is something that we all experience as a part of life.
Sometimes in life, we think that the only way to get rid of problems or make them less painful is to ignore them and pretend like they’re not even there.
We tend to hid behind our emotions instead of facing them. It’s wrong to hide your emotions and act as if you’re not feeling any pain. When you bottle up all of these feelings of sadness, all the negative thoughts, all the pain, sooner or later these problems will begin to spread inside of you like a deadly disease.

Suddenly you’ll become severely sick, it will eat you up inside, make you feel depressed, and it will suck the life out of you. Finally, you’ll have no more reasons to continue to live, and your only way of getting rid of this unbearable excruciating pain is if you end your life. You’ll isolate yourself from those who love you and your misery will become your worst company. How can you continue to live when you have no reasons to, how can you go on when you don’t even have the energy to breath and what is life without any hope? The tears that you deny, the pain that you hide day by day will make you weak.

When you step out of that fantasy phase...that dream that you’re having where everything is perfect, you’re fine, and everything is what you’ve always wanted and hoped for, you’re going to feel a sharp pain striking your heart. It will ignite through your whole body, you will feel numb and you will no longer have control over your life. You’ll realize that the pain that you’re feeling now is more painful than the pain that you were trying to hide before. Don’t hide your feelings...express them and let them out.

If you have to cry then cry, if you have to scream then scream, these are ways of releasing some of the pain that you’re feeling.

As I bring this to a close, I want everyone to know that when you’re faced with breakups, the death of a loved one, any situation that cause pain and suffering we shouldn’t try to hide our emotions. Experiences are there to give us lessons, to mature us, to mold us into the wonderful individuals that we are today. The pain may seem unbearable, the road to recovery may seem like it’s too far from your reach, time maybe taking too long to heal your pain, just remember if we keep asking, if we keep knocking and if we keep seeking everything in the end will eventually work out for all of us.