The Chicken & Duck Story

The Chicken & The Duck

A newly married couple went for a walk together in a wood.
They were having a wonderful time until they heard a sound in the distance:

"Quack! Quack!"

Wife said: "That must be a chicken"

Husband said: "No, that was a duck"

Wife said: "No, I'm sure that was a chicken"

Husband said with some irritation: "Impossible. Chickens go 'cock-a-doodle-doo', ducks go 'quack quack'. That is a duck"

The sound went "Quack! Quack!" again.

Husband: "See, it IS A DUCK"

Wife: "No dear, I am positive that it is a chicken"

They carried on the debate for a short while and the husband grew impatient and almost raised his voice and the wife was almost in tears.

The husband saw the tears welling up in his wife's eyes and, at last, remembered why he had married her. His face softened and he said gently, "Sorry darling, I think you must be right. That is a chicken".
"Thank you darling," she said and squeezed his hand."Quack! Quack!" came the sound through the woods and they continued their walk together in love.

-------------------------Moral of the story:

Who cares whether it is a chicken or a duck? What was more important was their harmony together, and that they enjoyed their walk.
How many marriages are broken over matters? How many divorces cite "chicken and duck" stuff?When you understand the story, you will remember your priorities.
The marriage (or relationship) is more important than being right about whether it is a duck or chicken. And besides, how many times have we been absolutely sure that we are right, only to find out later than we were in fact totally wrong? Who knows? That could have been a genetically modified chicken made to sound like a duck!