When the time comes.....

How will we know, in that critical moment what it is that we are required to do? We will know for it will be in our hearts to do that which we have been trained to do from the time we were young. Some times though we forget what it was taught to us, we must struggle to find those things that are buried with in us, buy us.

When the time comes to act how will we act? Will we chose to react to the actions of others or will we take the time to think through our choices and take the one we know to be best for all concerned?

When the time comes and we find our selves in a position to do the greatest good or the greatest harm, how do we know the road we choose is the right one. For some times harm is what needs to happen, for even in doing good we do harm, if we do not choose the right. In life no choice is colored coded for us but is gray. Only training in the ways to know the right will we prevail, just not in the ways we always wish. When we bring the right to light we may seem week and/or petty in what we do, but our redemption will be brought out in the end to all even those who say we are wrong.

I have found that in life to make a choice is to know some one will see it as the wrong one. The choice we make should be the one we have come to though contemplation of what is right and what will be the consequence of that choice. Never have I found my choices to be easy and always have they been made without knowing truly how best to proceed. None the less I have made them and some I have regretted but always have I paid for that choice in some way or the other. I see that some day the full weight of what I have done will come back to me.

When that time comes i know that I will have had the chance to make a mends for all that I have done and if I haven't taken full advantage of that then that weight will rest squarely on my shoulders.

When that time comes I hope that I will have made the choices that will make those who have gone before me proud of what I have done with the teachings which have been passed on to me. In life many things I have done bring shame to me. At times the shame has almost broken me with the sorrow of what I have done. Some how I have manage to make it through. In those times I have asked why? Only to have my eyes look upon another whose lot in life is worse than mine and have done nothing even close to what I have, yet they bear much more than I every could. My strength is not my own. What is mine is my pride and my truly lacking in will to do what is right.