Of Time

Time is merely a mutually accepted invented measure. The idea for clocks could have come from the idea that the universe, or at least our sun and moon and the planets that were visible when clocks were invented, go around like wheels within wheels.

A clock is a convenient re-occurring mechanical event mechanism divided up into chunks of what is most widely accepted as seconds minutes and hours.

People that have no urgent business or places to be have no problem sleeping when it is dark and living actively when it is light, no need for clocks really as they know the fish they want to catch, rather than the plane or train, bite before first light and last light, what more would you need? If you want to catch something as large as a plane you need a bloody big hook and smaller divisions of day or night to be wherever when the one you want to catch appears unless you are prepared to sit around all day and night and wait for it, which a lot of people seem to do......

Through some quirk of mathematics there is no such thing as a straight line, apparently if it is let loose in the universe it will eventually end up where it started, a big circle!

It has been said by Archemedes, that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, if this is true then that straight line we let loose in the universe is not a circle but merely an infinitesimally small dot, to a point where perhaps it doesn't even exist, as the beginning and the end would be in the same place making the shortest distance between them right where it began, which kind of suggests that time is either non existant or not a requirement for a complete existance, moments being non divisive, then to make the concept even more fascinating, where is the beginning? is it where we first visually observe or is it some place else like in its conceptual beginning?whilst measured time conceives physical change time is not necessary for us to exist, ergo, one exists regardless of time.