Of Weddings and CFGs (Part 1) (Warning Graphic Intensive)

Attending Derek & Meiting's Wedding Sol, and My SKC's CFG. Here's some of the highlights.

Derek & Meiting's Solemnization

Venue: Raffles Town Club

The Vow

The wonderful mom working behind the scenes



Puddings,Apple Sturdad & Cheese cake for Sweets

Godma & me

Yum Seng!

Video for the Wedding Sol.

Now onto our SKC's CFG in the evening..
Max the Magician

Youthful Dancers!

Fredrick's testimonial

Superband Judge Jiu Jian

Prize Presentation

WD's Performance

SKC's Hare Hare Dancers


Group Photo


Emcees - David & Huijun
Hare Hare Yukai Dancers - Mavis, Shihan, David, Huijun, Crystal, Wendy, Jansen, Sally, June, Ivan (not in photo), Jianfu(not in photo), Zhirong
Stage Coordinator - Jeff
Hair Stylist : Cassandra
Photographer/Videographer for CFG: KuiBao