Of Weddings and CFGs (Part 2) (Warning Graphic Intensive)

SKS CFG on Sunday..


The Hare Hare Himes (Princesses)

The Princess extinguishes the roaring flames of the Botak Dragon.

And Princess No.2 surprises Princess No. 1

Oiji sanmas & Himes

Andrew n Jansen. The start of de sun flower spam.

1 little sunflower..

2 little sunflower..

It gets lamer. lol

Group Photo + Magician Max

Me n Huilian

My bro Brendon is the Emcee for his CFG!Proud of him!

Me n Han

Mr Kiw n Ms Chew

Looking hungrily at Sally's birthday cake

Jacky & Wenzhen's Wedding Dinner @ Dragon Gate Restaurant in de evening

A Portrait i did for Jacky & Wenzhen. it can be seen more at http://foxfoofranchise.blogspot.com/

The Emcees for the event

Enter the Newly Weds

Emcees posing for me

The Newly weds posing for me!

One of the few dishes: Lobster!

FD Sings for them.

Then we make Zhen roll eggs in Jacky's pants. lol

Congras to both of them again!