My busy past week

Feb 7th, Sat

5pm - Rushed straight down to NUH after book out from camp to visit my best friend's Bro, telling me has less than 24 hrs to live.

7pm - Visited my OC ,also warded in NUH

7.45pm - My bestie's bro,whom i've known for 10 years, passed away peacefully.

8pm - 11pm - Police investigatn, Went to Sin ming to arrange for funeral arrangmts

Feb 8th, Sun

12am -went back home to shower

1am - Visited Leong's place with K n G

5am - Went hm

10am - Went to search for dentist + buy army food stock

11-1pm - Extracted 2 wisdom tooth at Braddell Q&M

2pm - Visited my Pri sch teacher with my pri sch mates

4pm - Went to funeral wake to help out + keep my bro company

6.30pm - went hm

7pm - 9pm - dinner with family + pack bags

9pm - Went back camp