My Sad beautiful Valentine's Day

Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto

February 14th .

Holding a bouquet of the most beautiful roses, the man admires the beauty and acknowledge its brillant color, its radiance.

Couple passing by him smiled at the beautiful, ladies envious. "What a lucky girl to receive that."

The man stop n sat outside Hereen, as the crowd passes him.

How many years has he waited?,he thinks to himself, he lost count. All he ever remembered was a time, a time when the girl would run to him, apologizing profusely ,seeing the flowers and smile once more. There was such a time.

Not anymore.

As he thought a drop of rain hit the rose petals lightly.

"Did the heavens cried for me too? Why is my vision so blurred?"

A man of the past cannot walk into the aisle of the future.

As the man disappear through the crowd of Orchard Road, a sad bouquet in his hands .

No target, No destination.