My goodness!

there’s a lot of budding Eschatologists out there! (Eschatology is apparently the study of all things concerning the end of the world and the events leading up to it).

A Google keyword search will tell you that a million people worldwide have keyed in a search for: ‘End of the world’ in the space of just one month. Having written a successful article on the end of the world already, I thought another would thus be just as well received.Many believe the world will end in 2012 and this is due purely to the vast amount of absolute sensationalist garbage that has been plastered all over the Internet on the subject.

I was having a bit of a bad day the other month and I always tend to think: ‘Oh well, worse things happen at sea.’ But then I saw my friend's kids watching a simulation of the end of the world on YouTube and I thought: ‘Gosh that really is bad!’

‘Don’t worry it’s not going to happen till 21st December 2012, Mum,’ the kids giggled.

‘They know the exact date? Who the heck figured that out?’

‘Can we have our Christmas presents early that year?’

Blessed kids... don’t they find a way round everything? But while I too had cunningly calculated that I could apply for a huge 25 year HDB loan and live it up for the next two and a half years without ever having to pay most of it back. Yeah right... I’d be in a right mess then if the world didn’t end.

I decided to do a bit of research into this entire 2012 thing to see if any of it made any real sense and I soon discovered that none of it does. It’s all media hype as usual, combined with the speed at which daft ideas are spread round the globe nowadays. I hope that common sense will prevail and gullible people will not choose to believe all this mumbo jumbo.

There are so many sites on the internet which on first appearance, seem to derive their ideas from reputable sources but on further examination their claims are so easily discredited.The danger is that often people do not bother to investigate things further and are too ready to accept information without question.

I’m fairly confident that the world will not end on 21st Dec 2012 and I will repeat my own prediction which I have stated:

‘The world is no more or less likely to end in 2012 than at any other point in history’

Whenever the world ends, each of us can only die once and I for one am not going to worry about something over which I have no control.

The world will end one day - nothing is forever; it could end tomorrow, the next day or in a thousand years but no one is endowed with the capacity to predict the precise date and time of the unfortunate event.

Perhaps we should all ask ourselves this question: Should it make any difference to the way I live my life if I knew when the world was going to end? We are all living on limited time. Our lives could be cut short at anytime whatever our age, personal circumstances and religious beliefs. We should each endeavour to live productive lives and strive to make life a better experience each and every day for ourselves and those around us

Live each day as if it is your last, end of the world or not.