“Every girl needs a man;
the kind that will treat you, as well as others, right;
the kind that has enough respect for himself, family, and others;
the kind that will change for you to just be with you.

The kind that searches for you with his heart,
the kind that can be trusted alone in a room full of many other beautiful ladies,
the kind that won’t cheat on you cause he knows he’s got all he wants and needs,
the kind that’s willing to be your friend and lover,
the kind that doesn’t mind calling early in the morning to say good morning and late at night to say good night;
maybe even sing you a good morning and tell you a good night story or talk to you until you fall asleep.

The kind that will do anything for you, even if it’s just to buy your favorite kind of candy.
The kind that will defend and fight for you,
the kind that won’t ditch you for his friends when you need him the most,
the kind that won’t leave you lonely and wondering.

The kind that isn’t afraid to smile to his friends every time you’re around and tell them, “She’s the one.”
The kind that appreciates you for the things to do for him, even if they’re small gestures.
The kind that actually thanks you for the little love notes you leave him,
the kind that is willing to wait for you when you’re falling behind,
the kind that will actually open the door for you, take you out on dates once in a while and buy you flowers cause it’s a Wednesday.

The kind that notices your hair when you just got it cut or done beautifully for him,
the kind that reminds you that he loves you and that he’s happy with you in case you forget.
The kind that kisses your forehead when you’re down,
the kind that tells you to be strong and not to cry,
the kind that will go through thick and thin with, and for you,
the kind that just loves you for who you are.

That kind of man, that’s the kind you keep.”