Do you love her for her beauty or is she beautiful because you love her ?

She is beautiful because you love her, regardless of what you may have thought about her appearance in the beginning once one develops a truly lasting and intimate relationship with someone they begin to develop a different appreciation for their looks than they would have if they were not in a relationship with them.

Many of us have cleverly disguised our like and admiration for someone behind their beauty, and though we are quick to say that they are beautiful for various reasons, it always goes back to the fact that we feel that we know them and have a working relationship with them. Yet we may simply love their art or their craft, yet this is enough for us to feel that they are beautiful. The same occurs in actual relationships; how often had you met someone initially and did not find them to be very attractive or see what anyone else liked about them, then once you began to know them and actually talk to them and relate to them the physical attraction began to come forth.

On the other hand, you may have had a strong physical attraction to someone that had diminished once you began to know them for who they truly are. Technically, that person is no more attractive or unattractive than they ever were, but it is very difficult for you to sustain or maintain your interest in their attractiveness because of what you know of them. At the same time, other individuals will come in and find them attractive at times when you may have taken them for granted because you see them all of the time.

On some level, we only develop relationships with individuals that we are attracted to in one way or the other, primarily there are always exceptions to the rule. It just may take us some time to realize what that attraction is and if it truly was in our interests to pursue them in that way.

Yet regardless of what you say, if you were with them to begin with you were definitely attracted, and if you failed to cement the relationship with her there must have been something about her that definitely was not attractive, despite what your thoughts are.

A kind soul can make an unattractive person seem beautiful, but a black soul can make even the most beautiful person ugly.