Of time

This was the first image that came flash across my thought for guys whom forgot about their gf's birthday..

Many guys don't no understand the significance of Anniversaries, month-versaries, birthdays, special dates, etc.

Women have special connection with time,it is not difficult to say that women view time different as men as well. This might be a tough concept to grasp. Women by the age 15, have been counting time, introducing through the menstrual cycle to change her life forever. Her 1 second isn't your 1 second anymore. Age becomes a sensitive issue, and she gets strapped a invisible biological time bomb which triggers her to settle before age 30. Right down to counting down time the baby delivers. It all about time , time , time.

Personally for me, I celebrate even the 100th day i met my ex, right down to the minute, second i met her (of cos I made the hour, min secs up just to surprise her) but hey, it shows your humor n sincerity for her to feel special, so why not take the extra mile?

so my lady friends, rem to let your bfs , or bfs-to-be read this!