Of finding love

I believe myself to be a very passionate person. In fact, for the last couple of years I have actually been actively searching for love. It took me some to realize that I was going about it all wrong.

Love I not something you can look. Too many times have I complicated friendships with members of the opposite sex because I was trying to fall in love with someone, and often a time when you are trying to fall in love you convince yourself that you are in love when in fact it is something quite different.

It is my experience that it is when you stop looking for love that you truly find it. Rather than spending your time trying to win somebody's heart who in the end is not right for you anyway, you really get to know people as they are and not as someone struggling through a relationship that is happening too quickly. Usually when you do find it, it is somewhere where you wouldn't have looked anyway.

To find love, one must have a definition of Love.

Love is a force. A simple, yet complex force indefinable by human nature. But what is it? What is love? Take for instance the attraction between a woman and a man, that is merely lust, but the connection of emotion that makes them a whole body of separate entities is love. But who can explain love? Is it a feeling, just an emotion, or is it a way of living? Do we really love at all, or is it something that our minds trick us into believing? Does love even exist on earth?

The key to finding love is to simply not look for it. If you don't spend your time thinking about it you will eventually find someone who you can fall in love with, and not someone who you simply want to be in love with.