Of Life

People tend to surround themselves with those who have similar thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. We feel so immensely different than our neighbor who has a different religion or political affiliation but are we really so different? Humans all have the innate sense of question. It is why we build, invent, solve problems, and have debates about philosophy or religion: everyone has “How?” engraved in their brains of steel. The “differences” others have cannot penetrate the steel brain… but on the rare occasion where what is different is embraced, a true relationship is formed.

Relationships are what life is based on because everything comes back to a relationship, or a lack of relationship. There is more than one person on Earth for a reason; we are meant to embrace each other and love one another. The most miserable people are alone and the happiest seem to be surrounded by love.

If you have been blessed to witness love between people, you know of the power people can have on one another. When I receive a simple text message or note from a friend, I feel joy because I know someone is thinking about me. I know the connection is alive and real. Any relationship is worth having. It helps you grow as a person. Nature tells us to grow in size, which is why we produce offspring, but we should grow in mind as well. It makes for a better time, a better life. We grow with each other. Negative forces inhibit growth, but with positive people surrounding you, the negative forces cannot exist.

It is beyond me how much we focus on the evils of society. Turn on the news (or any source of media) and immediately feel the explosion of anger, hate, and death. Humans feel power when we hear about tragedy because evil is an entity, but what we need to realize is love is an entity as well and if we would allow it to prevail, evil would have no room to exist. It starts with loving one another. Survival of the fittest is shown in nature but love will be the fittest survivor: we just need to allow it to be.